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Howdy Race Fans!


How would you like to sign up for a chance to win your portion of $5,000 and/or $10,000 this year?

Just pick your favorite driver in the Comp Eliminator Bonus Fund and follow the fantasy points here!

All you have to do is support the sponsors of the CEBF (easy and can be free)

One driver/entry per person

Each driver is limited to 100 fantasy picks, so sign up early!

Due April 17th at 11:59 PM CST

Must be 18 Years or Older!


How do I sign up for this?

  1. Go to this google form, enter your name, a text-able phone number and valid email address (so we can contact you when you win)

  2. Show us how you support the sponsors by emailing us a photo HERE You have 5 options (only 1 required):

    1. Purchase from a sponsor online (screenshot of your order confirmation)

    2. Take a photo of you with the sponsor's product

    3. Go to a sponsor's business (take a selfie proving you were there)

    4. Take a selfie of you with your driver and/or their car!

    5. (Available July 1st) A photo of your ticket from a prior CEBF event this year

  3. Pick your driver! You can choose one from the drop down menu or we can randomly assign you one.

  4. Follow the Fantasy Points after each race either on Facebook, Instagram, or our website

  5. You can fill out the form today, and send the photo to us by Mar 13th for entry


How does it work?

  1. It’s like fantasy football. You pick a driver and follow their points during and after each race!

  2. Watch the races on or you can follow along on Facebook

  3. The first half of the year winnings will be $5,000 for the following races: Belle Rose Sports National, Noble Divisional, Dallas Double Divisional, and Kansas City Double Divisional, see schedule here

  4. The second half of the year, everything will reset and will be $10,000 for the following races: Indianapolis National, St. Louis National, Lufkin Divisional, Las Vegas Cash Clash and Las Vegas National

  5. You will have to fill out a new form and can pick again for the second half of the year. This will be posted in July!


How do I win?

  1. The way we calculate points will be as follows:

    1. For every qualifying attempt (meaning the car was staged) | 50 points

    2. Each time driver went more than 50 under in qualifying | 50 points

    3. Final Qualifying Spot | (No. 1 = 150pts), (top half of field = 100pts), (bottom half of field = 50pts), (not qualified = 10pts)

    4. For every .00 light during eliminations | 25 points

    5. For every hundredth taken in PI during eliminations | 100 points

    6. For every round win | 100 points

  2. If you don’t know what these mean, no problem, we keep track of the points for you, but if you want to learn, check out our explanation videos below!

  3. Drivers will be ranked by cumulative points. Updates will be posted on the website under the ‘Fantasy Points’ Tab and on Facebook.

  4. At the end of the fantasy period, whoever is the top ranked driver with fantasy points wins! The money will be split between every person who picked that driver and we will Venmo, CashApp or Zelle you the money!


What are my odds?

  1. There is now a statistics page available on our website under the 'Racers/Stats' Tab where you can read driver profiles to make informed decisions. Or you can let luck have its way and pick randomly. We did some test math with last years races, and the winner of the race was not always the leader in fantasy points!

  2. We reward you when your racer shows up, goes fast, and goes rounds, so the odds are in everyones favor (until they aren’t)

  3. If your driver has performance issues for the first pick, you can always select a different driver in July for the second go round!


Can I participate if I’m a CEBF racer?

  1. NO! Is a football player allowed to bet on his own games?

  2. But your friends, family, co-workers, and sponsors can! So send this to everyone and hopefully they all pick you so you do your best!

  3. I will tell you how many fans picked you if you want to know!


Round 2 will start in July!

Want to Learn More About Comp Eliminator?

Try These Videos!

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